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Clinic Policies

  • Services: Heil Health & Wellness provides patients with high-quality traditional Chinese
    medicine, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping, gua sha, moxa, tui na, and dietary or
    lifestyle advice. Necessary treatments will be discussed before performing them.
  • Herbal therapy: Chinese herbs may be recommended and provided to patients at the time of their
    appointment. The price of herbs varies depending on the amount provided. Pricing of herbs can be
    discussed at the time that they are recommended.
  • Appointment arrival: Please arrive five minutes early so that you have time to settle into the
    space before your appointment. Late arrivals will be accommodated as possible, but may result in
    shortened or rescheduled treatments.
  • Cancellation policy: We request at least 24 hours of notice to reschedule or cancel an
    appointment. If notice is not received within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged in
    full for the appointment. Repeated late cancellations may result in same-day scheduling only.
  • Dress / coverings: Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Many
    people bring t-shirts and shorts to change into, especially during cold weather. Patients may be
    covered with a drape during treatment as necessary or upon request.
  • Non-discrimination: Heil Health & Wellness provides the above services in a non-judgmental,
    compassionate atmosphere that is open to all ages, races, genders, body types, physical abilities,
    economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions.
  • Sexual harassment: The services provided by Heil Health & Wellness are therapeutic, not sexual,
    in nature. Sexual advances or requests of employees and/or patients will not be tolerated in our
    space. Even questionable sexual discussion can be cause for termination of services.
  • Intoxication: We respect all people's methods of self-medication, but request that patients refrain
    from ingesting alcohol or drugs before their appointments. Arriving in an intoxicated state impairs
    our ability to receive full consent from you and may result in rescheduling.
  • Privacy: We adhere to current HIPAA guidelines protecting the personal and health-related
    information we receive from you in both written and verbal form. Click here to review our privacy
    policies in full.

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